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 Le Cénacle
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Le Cénacle
17, Prom. Charles-Martin
CH-1208 Geneva
t: +41 22 707 08 30
f: +41 22 840 30 40
Le Cénacle offers three categories of bedrooms : "Parc", "Demeure" and "standard"

The five "Parc bedrooms" are our "must". Wonderfully renovated in April and May 2004, they feature their own private bathroom and face the park. They all have 2 beds.

There are eleven Demeure bedrooms which were renovated in July of 2003. the décor and furnishings have been totally recreated with an eye to graciously welcoming guests in the best style of a 19th century Mansion. Each room is unique. Overlooking the park, these luminous rooms offer both great beauty and fine comfort.

Today, there are fourty-six Standard bedrooms which are all situated in the modern part of Le Cénacle built in 1960s. Originally built as the accomodations for a religious order of women, the rooms are very simple but adequate. The modern part of Le Cénacle is completely surrounded by the park.

All of these rooms have a wash basin. Showers and toilets are situated on each floor.

Here too, plans are in motion to have full, wireless installations giving internet access of the highest technical level to this part of the estate.
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